Should a cyclist wear a helmet?

I think from the very moment the bicycle was created and introduced into the road traffic space there is a burning issue that sleeps the eyes of some activists. Societies on many continents (except Antarctica) are arguing over whether two-wheeler users, more commonly known as cyclists, should drive their vehicles in helmets or whether it is an unnecessary fad. Of course, just as life is not black and white, in this matter you can find arguments for and against wearing bicycle helmets. We, bicycle travelers, should speak for adding this equipment to the standard equipment of a cyclist, so in this article we will present 7 reasons why you should ride a bicycle in a helmet.

The risk of a serious head injury is reduced several times

This is the basic argument and the strongest card that you can basically close the dispute over helmets. After all, these special hats were created to protect cyclists. As you know, in road traffic a cyclist is the last link, which in any traffic accident hits the most. Unfortunately, very often with fatal outcome. Wearing a helmet at an incident on the road reduces the risk of head injury, the most valuable part of the human body. By protecting the head, we simply protect our lives, because it is her injuries that we are most exposed to traveling by bicycle.

Okay. We've already played Asem, but if someone is not enough, we draw more cards.

You feel safer on the road.

The argument related to the above, except that here we focus on psychological conditions. With the helmet on his head, the cyclist feels more confident, whether it's breaking through the urban jungle or wandering in the forest vertices. He knows that if his head is protected and the risk of serious injury is much lower.

You look more professional

Have you ever seen a professional cyclist without a helmet? Certainly not during the competition. A cyclist in a helmet gets +10 to professionalism right from the start, even if he rides an old bunker for a beer to the estate. In our general view, the helmet is not only an expression of caring for your safety, but also to some extent reflects the cyclist's knowledge of the cycling world, shows his greater interest in the topic.

You can show your own style

A bicycle helmet also lets you express your own original style. If you're interested in retro fashion, you can buy a helmet styled like old helmets, if you're a downhill skier, you wear a suitable helmet for this field of cycling. The helmet is also a great place to show belonging to a particular sports club or travel project. You can stick stickers from visited places or promote your business.

You have extra protection from the sun and rain

This advantage is most appealing to bicycle travelers. When traveling in the heat, you must have something to protect your head from the scorching sun. The helmet fulfills this function sufficiently and eliminates the need to take hats, hats or scarves with you. Similarly in the case of a small rain. If we are surprised by a drizzle in the middle of the city, and we have a helmet, we get a little less wet than without any headgear.

You can participate in sports competitions.

To take part in cycling competitions or organized rallies, not only for professionals, it is required to have a helmet. You don't have a helmet - you're not starting. If you are interested in racing in cycling projects, you must invest in a helmet, because this is required by the regulations. In mass events, security is the basis.

You are an example for others, especially the youngest.

When wearing a helmet, you promote good habits (because, I think we've already established that riding in a helmet is such a habit?). You show other road users that wearing a helmet is first and foremost that you look professional and that you look after yourself and their safety. The more people start wearing helmets, the sooner this will become common behavior. It is worth educating especially children and absolutely require them to wear a helmet on a bicycle, explaining to them the advantages.

It's worth having

Owning and using a helmet does not absolve us from common-sense thinking and compliance with traffic laws. The helmet does not give 100% certainty when cycling, nothing will happen to us. It is simply intended to reduce potentially dangerous head injuries in the event of a car falling or being hit. However, it is not a shield that will save a man from a frontal collision with a car.

The 7 arguments above should, however, be enough to convince you that it's really worth riding in a helmet. It doesn't matter if you are going on a journey of several weeks or just commuting - a helmet should always accompany you when using a bicycle. Currently, we have so many different models of bicycle helmets on the market that you will definitely find one in which you will feel good. You don't have to spend a lot of money, though let's be honest: whoever wise saves on

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